Building on a well-known truth expressed best by Vince Lombardi: "Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect," BWise system uses high-speed computers, HD fast camera(s), special optics, projector and a lot of other specialized software to enhance the billiard table with graphics that helps the player to IMPROVE his/her game much faster than in any other known way. All technical aspects of the game are addressed in numerous training sessions and drills, carefully chosen and structured by leading experts in the field.

BWise system is in fact a very precise measuring system. For example, the initial speed of the Cue Ball is measured and reported to the player immediately after the shot is made. The actual travel of the Cue Ball is recorded and displayed, and positioning of the balls is controlled by the system of 1 mm precision tolerance. The ultimate goal of the system is to assist the novice to quickly achieve the level in which the true enjoyment of the game starts.

It is a well-known fact that the muscle memory can only be created by the repetition of successful shots. The enhanced reality of the playing table greatly increases the number of good, successful shots. BWISE achieves it through displaying the anticipated lines of the shot, including sweet spot (or ghost ball), through animated power of the shot, and with the indication of point of the contact of the cue with the cue ball.

BWise is also a great system for trainers that enables them to create their own drills, exercises, and complete training sessions that include integration of demo videos and scoring.