To ENJOY means to take pleasure in something, and that is what we are all about with our new product. We are on a mission to bring more fun and enjoyment to what is already one of the most popular table games and sports.

Our augmented reality system BWise will do just that for your experience of the game of billiards. Supported by Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence it will enhance your game experience in yet unprecedented ways. Different and entertaining game modes will make your time spent at the billiard table truly more enjoyable and rewarding. Even the youngest of players will be attracted to compete amongst themselves in game modes such as Hangman or Sink the boats.

In the community of the interconnected systems, our BWise system supports participating in competitions and regular, fun games between players on physically separated tables. A very well-organized training process, which was carefully developed by billiards professionals, will lead to fast improvements with less effort. This for sure does not mean losing the amusing part of the game. On the contrary, it brings a new level of entertainment to usually more demanding training.

The video signal can be streamed to local displays or over the internet. BWise can be configured to display any content on the table. This also includes displaying interesting adds for marketing and entertainment contents in clubs, billiard venues and others.