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When you combine camera, projector, pool table and artificial intelligence... result will be revolutionary!



To ENJOY means to take pleasure in something. Our augmented realtiy system BWise will do just that for the games of billiards. By using the latest technologies such as Computer Vision and AI it will enhance your experience in playing billiards in yet unprecedented ways. A number of entertaining games will make your time spent at the billiard table truly enjoyable and rewarding. Even the youngest players will be attracted to compete amongst themselves in games modified for use on billiard tables such as Hangman or Sink the boats games. In the community of the interconnected systems the BWise system will support competitions and fun games between players on physically separated tables. A well thought thru training process will lead to improvements, faster and with less effort, while still enjoying the game. The video signal can be streamed to local displays or over the internet. BWise can be configured to display any content on the table while idle also creating interesting opportunities for marketing and entertainment contents in clubs, billiard venues and alike. 



Building on a well known truth expressed best in a quote by Vince Lombardi: "Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect." The BWise system uses high speed computers, high definition fast camera(s), special optics, projector and lot of specialized software to enhance the playing table with graphics that help the player to IMPROVE his/her game much faster then in any other known way. All technical aspects of the game are addressed in a large number of training sessions and drills carefully chosen and structured by leading experts in the field. BWise system is in fact a very precise measuring system. For example the initial speed of the Cue Ball is measured and reported to the player immediately after the shot is made. The actual travel of the CB is recorded and displayed and positioning of the balls is controlled by the system in 1 mm precision tolerance. The ultimate goal of the system is to assist the novice to quickly achieve the level in which the true enjoyment in the game starts. The muscle memory can only be created by repetition of successful shots. The enhanced reality of the playing table where the required lines of shot including sweet spot (or ghost ball) are displayed, the power of the shot is animated and the point of contact of cue with the cue ball (english) is indicated, greatly increases the number of good, successful shots. WiseB is also A great system for trainers enabling them to create their own drills and exercises, complete training sessions including integration of demo videos and scoring. 



BWise includes a complete evaluation system intended to be used for objectively assessing the capabilities of billiard players. Automated scoring will be available and results will be kept and updated in central data base. BWise detects position and colours of balls on the table. It can display any position and check that balls are correctly positioned, This enables quick and precise repetition of any previously played and known game. Any game or training session can be recorded and reviewed at later time. Any number of special positions can be memorized and played. MASTERING the game can now be achieved through improved and more efficient training process that is also enjoyable. 

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